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Dr. Emil Hakim

Dr. Emil Hakim is the owner and founder of JH Group Inc. and all of its' subsidiaries. A relentless and brilliant businessman, Dr. Hakim has been awarded with endless accolades in a multitude of fields. He is an honest family man who is dedicated towards building a better and brighter future for future generations.


Integrity. Perseverance. Innovation. Inspiration. Quality.


Building brands which our customers believe in, trust in, and depend on.
Creating innovative products using breakthrough technology and scientific advancements. 

Accomplishing global success and becoming a highly recognized and respected multi-national brand. 

Respecting all people equally from all walks of life, inspiring the world to unite together for the greater good.

Working together as a team, across boundaries, to surpass the highest expectations of our customers and clients.

Diversifying our portfolio by taking the courage to enter new markets, shaping a superior future for the company and for our world. 
Carrying out our responsibility towards protecting the environment, while constantly using the most sustainable approaches and practices.

Mission & Vision
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