JH Group always aims to create educational opportunities for children around the world. In countries across Africa and multiple cities in the US, contributions have been made to organizations that provide the necessary resources for struggling children to receive a better education. The Group's core values have driven heavy investments in science education, scholarships, and other programs. JH Group believes education is one of the main keys which may pull people out of poverty, and so the Group will continue to undertake many several activities which enhance the amount of educational opportunities around the world.


JH Group knows that health is the absolute greatest blessing of life. Great health leads to a longer life, which also means more time in this world to contribute and help others grow and prosper. Staying healthy for children is vital for proper growth and development of their mind and body. Health charities help cure diseases, treat and support the sick and disabled, and seek advancements in medical treatments, all while promoting public knowledge and awareness of specific health risks, diseases, and disabilities. JH Group has made several contributions to hospitals, and health/medical organizations. The Group has also conducted and funded years of research with a few of the brightest doctors and scientists around the world to achieve breakthroughs in the health and wellness industry. Part of the JH Group is to better the world by providing innovative health and wellness products to improve the well-being of millions of people. 


Responsibility and integrity are core values of JG Groups' corporate identity. As such, all operations use the most sustainable practices possible to help protect the environment. The Group is always looking to explore and take advantage of new innovative and green solutions that may increase our protection of the environment. JH Group supports projects across the globe that produce breakthrough technologies and solutions towards sustainability, protect vulnerable wildlife, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. Energy consumption is on the rise, and one of the most promising products built by JH Group was made to reduce energy use and make a positive impact for our world by improving efficiency, and reducing emissions. The corporation plans to take major strides to conserve energy, increase recycling, and mitigate environment impact across all operations. 

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